Sunday, 23 November 2014


Whenever we greet or adieu someone, the expression is either shaking or waving hands. This is where the style statement enters the stage and BRACELETS are the undisputed leaders of this arena.

Having a royal and ancient birth in Egyptian culture, today it has successfully entered into almost global human population’s lifestyles. Women and Men both have adorned bracelets as decorative accessories, from Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth; Marilyn Monroe to First Lady Michelle Obama. The look of bracelet is effortless and can easily dress up any outfit.

Stylish Bracelets
Style of a person is nothing but a representation of what she/he likes, desires or aspires .Therefore we cannot relate a person’s style with a fashion trend, because fashion changes but a person’s style remains the same from cradle to grave. In the same way these “STYLISH BRACELETS” are not attached to clothes.

Bracelets these days are made of a wide variety of raw materials from paper to diamond; there is a whole lot of variety available. But those everyday wear which are in trend these days are mostly made of rubber, stainless steel, leather or thread etc. The choice depends upon the event for what you are dressing up. Even casually, a “Stylish BRACELET “can make you look different and out of the crowd.

Bracelets are such a thing or platform where people from varied fields and walks of life can agree on the same point. POPE wears it to show his belief and loyalty towards Jesus , while a LIVESTRONG bracelet became famous for fund raising for cancer patients; a girl can wear bracelets suiting her dresses while choosing from a rainbow of options available in the market while a guy can wear according to his attitude. Bracelets with tiny things ranging from an Eiffel tower to a hello kitty, a Japanese panda or from a dog pendant to your girlfriends name engraved upon it are the common inns to represent your likes and love for someone or something.

Believe me; such a small piece around your wrist actually works like cherry on the cake. The bangles and boot bracelets are mere extensions of the bracelet only. So, show your allegiance and express yourself freely through these stylish bracelets and ROSSI AND ROSSI Jewelry is the best online platform to choose from unending options. They are the real specialists in skull jewelry, biker’s jewelry, stainless steel jewelry and all types of “stylish bracelets for everyday wear”. Catch you there.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The jewelry industry is one such place that is ever growing and ever changing. Every now and then we have new trends and fashion following up. Though a large variety of men and women swear by diamonds, gold and silver when it comes to jewelry, especially rings, but not all folks are as lucky. The greater proportions of the population that cannot afford these expensive and lavish metals find solace in STAINLESS STEEL.
Today, stainless steel is capturing the jewelry industry by a storm. The fact that ‘steel ring’ is gaining this amount of popularity can be devoted to various inner characteristics that steel has.

Here are a few unique features that steel holds:


  • CORROSION FREE- The biggest drawback with most of the metals is rusting. Stainless steel being made up of iron, carbon, nickel, silicon and chromium forms a protective layer upon itself that protects it from rusting. Hence, there is not much care that goes into maintaining your stainless steel ring.

  • DURABILITY- Stainless steel is highly durable and supersedes gold and silver when it comes to durability. It is an extremely hard metal, lasts longer and can be passed onto your future generations without being disrupted.

  • OUTER FINISH- Stainless steel has a beautiful silvery outer appearance to itself that makes it look as beautiful as original silver. It has a similar appearance to various other white metals and has great reflectivity making it shine like a star. That is the why most women prefer wearing steel rings as they love the natural shine it provides.

  • AFFORDABILITY- The most important feature of stainless steel is its economic viability. It economically provides the tone, texture, shine and beauty that only a metal can provide. Therefore, it gives you the best of both worlds- superior quality but within the range of your budget.

  • ABSOLUTELY CHIC- Another important quality that stainless steel rings hold is that it can never go out of fashion. It is something that individuals from all the age groups can flaunt without looking outmoded. More so, steel rings are unisex and are one such thing that are loved my men unconditionally. Apart from adding to your fashion sense, steel rings add to the coolness quotient in most men.

Just as the fashion world is progressing today, we individuals too want to dress our best. We want to look just as stylish as our celebrated celebrities and fashion jewelry plays an important role in completing this ensemble. Steel rings, hence, cannot be merely termed as pieces of jewelry, but can act as game changers in one’s fashion sense.