Tuesday, 16 December 2014


The first thought striking our minds when we hear the word ‘angel’ is something beautiful, majestic and graceful.

Angel’s have always been associated with supernatural powers and charismatic personalities. The reality is that angel’s are not only constrained to imaginations and beliefs but also form an integral part of the jewelry worn by individuals. The most elegant way of adorning such jewelry is ANGELWING NECKLACE.

It has been often observed, that even the celebrities to whom we look upon as fashion inspirations are seen wearing stylish angel wing necklaces and pendants. Some of them wear it to quote a fashion statement, some wear them to support their own religious beliefs while some wear them to show submission to the supernatural. Whatever the reason maybe, the fact that can’t be ignored is that these angel wing necklaces do stand out as a piece of jewelry and add to the fashion quotient of an individual.

These angel wing necklaces come in varied designs and materials. They range from reasonable stainless steel necklaces to necklaces made out of silver or gold. These angel wing necklaces come in various cuts and designs. A simple angel wing hanging from a silver chain, a pair of angel wings, an angel wing with an attached written quote, angel wings paired with colourful gemstones are some of the many designs that are available for consumers now days. In fact, one can even get a personalized angel wing necklace made for a loved one with an engraved message or the name of the loved one.

Hence, from the above discussion it can definitely be understood that angel wing necklaces are not just a passing craze but something that is here to stay. And one of the biggest reason for this popularity is that they are widely supported by the stars. So let’s not be boring and monotonous, let’s experiment with different looks, because after all its just one life that we have to ourselves. Check out the stylish line of angel wing necklaces offered by ROSSI AND ROSSI JEWELRY. They offer trendy angel wing necklaces and specialize in bikers and stainless steel skull jewelry. So explore this stylish world and create your own fashion standards.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Whenever we greet or adieu someone, the expression is either shaking or waving hands. This is where the style statement enters the stage and BRACELETS are the undisputed leaders of this arena.

Having a royal and ancient birth in Egyptian culture, today it has successfully entered into almost global human population’s lifestyles. Women and Men both have adorned bracelets as decorative accessories, from Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth; Marilyn Monroe to First Lady Michelle Obama. The look of bracelet is effortless and can easily dress up any outfit.

Stylish Bracelets
Style of a person is nothing but a representation of what she/he likes, desires or aspires .Therefore we cannot relate a person’s style with a fashion trend, because fashion changes but a person’s style remains the same from cradle to grave. In the same way these “STYLISH BRACELETS” are not attached to clothes.

Bracelets these days are made of a wide variety of raw materials from paper to diamond; there is a whole lot of variety available. But those everyday wear which are in trend these days are mostly made of rubber, stainless steel, leather or thread etc. The choice depends upon the event for what you are dressing up. Even casually, a “Stylish BRACELET “can make you look different and out of the crowd.

Bracelets are such a thing or platform where people from varied fields and walks of life can agree on the same point. POPE wears it to show his belief and loyalty towards Jesus , while a LIVESTRONG bracelet became famous for fund raising for cancer patients; a girl can wear bracelets suiting her dresses while choosing from a rainbow of options available in the market while a guy can wear according to his attitude. Bracelets with tiny things ranging from an Eiffel tower to a hello kitty, a Japanese panda or from a dog pendant to your girlfriends name engraved upon it are the common inns to represent your likes and love for someone or something.

Believe me; such a small piece around your wrist actually works like cherry on the cake. The bangles and boot bracelets are mere extensions of the bracelet only. So, show your allegiance and express yourself freely through these stylish bracelets and ROSSI AND ROSSI Jewelry is the best online platform to choose from unending options. They are the real specialists in skull jewelry, biker’s jewelry, stainless steel jewelry and all types of “stylish bracelets for everyday wear”. Catch you there.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The jewelry industry is one such place that is ever growing and ever changing. Every now and then we have new trends and fashion following up. Though a large variety of men and women swear by diamonds, gold and silver when it comes to jewelry, especially rings, but not all folks are as lucky. The greater proportions of the population that cannot afford these expensive and lavish metals find solace in STAINLESS STEEL.
Today, stainless steel is capturing the jewelry industry by a storm. The fact that ‘steel ring’ is gaining this amount of popularity can be devoted to various inner characteristics that steel has.

Here are a few unique features that steel holds:


  • CORROSION FREE- The biggest drawback with most of the metals is rusting. Stainless steel being made up of iron, carbon, nickel, silicon and chromium forms a protective layer upon itself that protects it from rusting. Hence, there is not much care that goes into maintaining your stainless steel ring.

  • DURABILITY- Stainless steel is highly durable and supersedes gold and silver when it comes to durability. It is an extremely hard metal, lasts longer and can be passed onto your future generations without being disrupted.

  • OUTER FINISH- Stainless steel has a beautiful silvery outer appearance to itself that makes it look as beautiful as original silver. It has a similar appearance to various other white metals and has great reflectivity making it shine like a star. That is the why most women prefer wearing steel rings as they love the natural shine it provides.

  • AFFORDABILITY- The most important feature of stainless steel is its economic viability. It economically provides the tone, texture, shine and beauty that only a metal can provide. Therefore, it gives you the best of both worlds- superior quality but within the range of your budget.

  • ABSOLUTELY CHIC- Another important quality that stainless steel rings hold is that it can never go out of fashion. It is something that individuals from all the age groups can flaunt without looking outmoded. More so, steel rings are unisex and are one such thing that are loved my men unconditionally. Apart from adding to your fashion sense, steel rings add to the coolness quotient in most men.

Just as the fashion world is progressing today, we individuals too want to dress our best. We want to look just as stylish as our celebrated celebrities and fashion jewelry plays an important role in completing this ensemble. Steel rings, hence, cannot be merely termed as pieces of jewelry, but can act as game changers in one’s fashion sense.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A complete Body Jewelry online store

‘Jewelry’ in this single word we have not only the whole fashion world but also the creativity and style. The moment we hear the word jewelry we start thinking about the specific body parts like hand, neck, fingers, ears etc. Today, the people have jewelry for every piercing part. The buyers are always looking for the quality jewelry which is designer and is not breaking anyone’s bank.

Below stated are some of the tips to select the right jewelry:
  • Terms of jewelry. It is very important to know the correct terms of jewelry. It will not only help the jeweler to show you a desired piece but will also boost up your confidence at the time of purchase and will help in getting a desired jewelry.
  • Basic type of jewelry should be known. The basic jewelry should be known both according to the body part and according to the usage.
  • Decide what will go best with your piercing. This means to know what is going to look best on you both according to preferences and personality.
  • The selected jewel piece should be according to the size. For example ring. The diameter of the rings should be of an appropriate size. Remember the proper size jewelry looks more stunning then the one which is of wrong dimensions.
  • Jewelry finishing. Inspect your jewelry to ensure smooth finishing.
  • For sensitive skin the steel, Teflon and glass are the best options.
  • Jewelry should be comfortable and should not restrict the movements of a wearer.
In a nutshell we can say that jewelry speaks a lot about the wearer. Therefore, one should be concern about the kind of jewelry they wore. Today the jewelry is available for all be it a men or a women. No gender, no age, no profession nothing can stop a passion of a wearer. For all those who have a passion for bikers’ jewelry Rossi and Rossi jewelry comes up with body jewelry online shop. Here the complete convenience is provided to the buyer by making online purchase easy and comfortable. The wide variety is available for both men and women like men necklace, skull jewelry and much more. This jewelry is guaranteed and maintenance free. To know more about their popular and exclusive designs visit. http://www.rossiandrossijewelry.com

Friday, 10 October 2014


When I first hear the words body jewelry the word that strikes my mind is “colossal”! It is extremely difficult to speak about something so cosmic in just a few words. But gathering courage and not sounding boring, I would like to enlighten you people about the frenzy that has hit the fashion folks dramatically- BODY JEWELRY!

Jewelry refers to something that is worn for personal embellishment in the form of earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings, bracelets, anklets etc. It can be made out of any material and can be used to adorn any body part what so ever. For example, Gold,white gold, platinum,palladium,titanium, silver, stainless steel, mirrors, etc are the various materials that can be used to formulate jewellery both for men and women. But something that correlates most with body jewelry is stainless steel. With its bright silvery finish and resistance to tarnish, stainless steel jewelry has created a new benchmark in the jewelry world for itself. It is especially preferred for making body jewelry because it is non allergic and non reactive towards most skin types. Stainless steel being an alloy of iron, carbon, chromium and various other metals is resistant to rust or corrosion. It is fairly strong and resists breakage or bending. Hence, making it an apt choice for most jewelry buyers.

One of the greatest benefit of buying stainless steel jewelry is that, as compared to most other materials it requires minimal maintenance, rather simple measures taken at home can provide you immense help. I would hence like to list out a few easy tips to handle and conserve your stainless steel jewelry.

  • The simplest way of cleaning stainless steel jewelry is by cleaning with warm soap water and wiping with a cotton cloth. But soaking it in water for long hours is not a good option.
  • Another over the kitchen shelf method for cleaning it is using white toothpaste.
  • The thing that requires special attention with stainless steel jewelry is its scratching. So it is very important that its storage is taken care off. Storing it in cotton pouches or wrapping it in tissue are a few convenient options.
Body jewelry is stretching its boundaries and emerging as an eminent part of our jewelry buying experiences. Coping with this demand, amongst the various body jewelry retailers, “ROSSI AND ROSSI JEWELRY” is providing great online services. It’s a complete body jewelry online shop. It won’t be wrong if we conclude that the jewelry industry is fast growing and hence should we!

Monday, 29 September 2014


Clothes do not maketh men, Necklaces do!”

Necklace, a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck, is usually considered to be a woman’s forte. But eventually, times are changing. Now that men and women are being treated equally in each and every field, adorning jewelry is not just a women’s cup of tea. Men’s jewelry and specifically men supporting necklaces is becoming a fashion statement in its own sense. Infact, according to the market researchers Euromonitor, in 2005, British men bought £136m worth of jewelry out of which the majority was contributed by necklaces. 

It is not an unknown fact, that men exhibiting jewelry dates back to early history. During ancient times, men were seen wearing necklaces that were made out of basic pieces such as stones, feathers, birds teeth etc. The rich and royal men were also seen wearing heavy necklaces made out of pure metals that added to aura of their entire personality. Nowdays men’s necklace have various forms. They range from simple thread necklaces with quirky metal pendants to beaded and stone necklaces or mere plain chains.

Not keeping it too mainstream and inpouring you with excess theoretical knowledge, I would like to list out a few trendy ways and tips for wearing men’s necklaces that can add to your style quotient.

  1. The first and fore most rule for being well dressed is being comfortable in your own skin. After all what’s the point of looking absolutely stylish when you keep fiddling with your look. So look out for something that you are comfortable wearing.
  2. Keeping it simple yet meaningful is the trick. Avoid overdoing it. Wearing too much can make you look pretentious.
  3. Keep an image in your mind of how you expect to see yourself and accordingly make your choices. Have your own style and don’t blindly follow others.
  4. When wearing a simple chain, modesty is the key to success. Keep the chain understated and under the shirt and you’re good to go.
  5. Do not wear religious iconography unless you actually subscribe to the religion.
  6. Pendant necklaces can be supported with casual t-shirts, thus adding a touch of personal style.
  7. And last but not the least, be confident. Flaunt it as if you’ve been wearing the piece for years, ever since your grandfather gifted it to you.

I sincerely hope that the above stated points act as a useful help to all you readers.

Now that the demand for men’s jewelry has been increasing dramatically, it is obvious that the supply trends have also been increasing. One of the suppliers for voguish men’s jewelry is the ‘Rossi and Rossi Biker Jewelry Shop’. They primarily deal in biker’s jewelry and also have pretty cool stuff under the cadre of men’s jewelry. In the end I would like to conclude by quoting,

Men’s jewelry is meant to complement and not overwhelm.”
So, stay smart and choose wisely!!!