Friday, 21 August 2015

Look stylish and fabulous with new angel wing necklaces collection

The stunning and beautiful designer jewelry is what one looks for either for one own self or for a gift. The jewelry is a highly innovative and designing category. The classy, designer, durable, fashionable and affordable are the some of the features which a buyers look for in the ornament.

The bikers’ jewelry is all together of a different style. The ornament to match their style, personality and the passion is an idle collection they will like to have in their accessories. Angel wing is one of the latest upcoming designs liked by the bikers. Angel wing jewelry promises a unique style with the passion for life and the beauty of life. This is an idle design which is worn and liked both by male and female. The angel is a sign of shine in the life and the beauty of life. Whereas, the wings shows the high potential one have and all the wanders that one can do in the lifetime. Thus, to go in depth angel wing is the symbol of beauty and passion one has in life with the potential to fly high. The gorgeous designer necklace that can be worn at any time and at all time of a day is what makes this design more special. This is a perfect accessory to compliment one outfit.

Angel wing when gifted to someone means protection, affection and harmony which you wish for them and this exclusive piece gifted by you gives insurance that someone is taking care of them.  Thus be it a personnel use or a gift it has a special feelings and meaning attached. Undoubtedly, some wear it for the fashion and its unique design. is a designer online biker jewelry store. Their exclusive collection have all and wide variety of angel wing necklaces. These are quiet popular and highly in demand necklaces in todays fashion. They are the timeless, trendy and elegant style necklaces which are also available in stainless steel. It’s a perfect time to have one for yourself and to gift for someone you care for.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Men and fashion accessories

You don’t need vast knowledge to make a style statement. All you need is respect and love for nice things. When it comes to sporting accessories, men are no more behind women these days. Responding to this trend the market is abuzz with a large number of options for men too. The best personality traits come out when you are comfortable in what you are wearing, be it clothing or accessories.
Designers are coming up with new and innovative ideas we haven’t seen before. Necklaces are the most sought after accessory these days among men. Whether you work in finance, hospitality or in the creative industry, you can always up your game by a neck piece. It instantly polishes any outfit and looks ultra-flattering on all body shapes. In your whole outfit, a neck piece can be one of the most powerful tools of self-expression. They can work wonders to add dazzle to a simple dress or can even help in drawing attention to parts of yourself that you would like to emphasize. Wide chokers and bib necklaces can stand to be your sole statement piece, so let such items take centre stage and forego other pieces of jewelry.
Rossi and Rossi jewellery is carefully designed keeping in mind the needs of men with different choices and interest. Our statement pieces are designed for you to have fun with and help you make a bold fashion and personality statement. There is something insanely cool about rocking a Rossi and Rossi necklace over a T-shirt or for somebody to get a peak of a necklace under a shirt. Visit us at to have a sneak peak of our unique and stylish collection starting from cocktail rings to cuff bracelets and bib necklaces. Make sure you make the right choice that gets people looking you at awe.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Look Stylish and Fabulous with exclusive biker’s chain bracelet

The bikers are world renowned for their bold nature and unique style.  The true biker always seems to have both of these qualities in them.  Whatever they wear that is an accessory or apparel it has to be different and should complement their personality. The jewelry is one of the important accessories which plays an important role and speaks a lot about biker’s choice.

An idle exclusive jewelry collection of any bikers include rings, bracelets, chain, earrings and all kind of body jewelry. The designers today are using the stainless steel metal more than other expensive metals like gold, silver and platinum. The reasons of the stainless steel increasing popularity are:
1.       It’s pocket friendly price.

2.       The metal toughness that is hard by nature.
3.       More durable.
4.       Maintenance free
5.       Gives good finishing in terms of both design and polish.

Be it a neck piece or a bracelet all can be found in stainless steel. The bracelets are among the most popular jewel ornament which is worn by the bikers. The bracelets are available in various designs and in different style. One can find an exclusive collection for either men or women or can select from a variety of unisex collection which includes leather and chain bracelets. The leather bracelets are beautifully designed with crosses and skulls, whereas, the chain bracelets are available in the market in all the different stunning colors. One can find them in almost all the shades from neon to the bold colors.  These are among the most possible preferred choices of the current buyers. Their colors and the well finished simple design is what attract the buyer. is one of the popular American bikers jewelry store.  The owners Dom and Lynnette themselves are the bikers with the experience in the design world. They are proud to offer their unique jewelry collection which is also gaining its popularity among the people. To give buyers all kind of comfort they also have an online store, where one can find their entire collection and can also make an online buy if interested. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Make a fashion statement with your sterling silver angel wing necklace

The angel wing is the most popularly used word these days. The rising popularity of this word in the fashion world has enforced designers to become more innovative in their designs. Angel the word which symbolizes protection and harmony also symbolizes the care and affection.
Angel wing necklaces

The bikers jewelry which was earlier restricted to the skull jewelry are now available with all new variety of Angel wing jewelry. These are the designer pieces which are a symbol of angelic protection. These necklaces look bold when are made up of stainless steel and undoubtedly elegant because of its design. It’s a perfect choice for those who wants to give all together a new look to their jewelry. The wearer looks both gorgeous and serene in this all new collection.
Rossi and Rossi is a biker jewelry shop. The products here are exclusively for the bikers or for those who have a passion or love for bikers look. These jewelries are available for both men and women. The variety of angel wing jewelry is as per the trend and the demand. It’s stunning, beautiful, designer, elegant and bold. They all are made in stainless steel this make them durable. The quality products designed by designer at an affordable price is all that one can look for at
What all should one take care of when making a buy:
Other than design one should always ensure the following before buying a product:
  • Finishing. No sharp edges should be there. It should be properly polished and finished.
  • The material it is made up of.
  • Maintenance
  • Durability
Thus, if your designer jewelry ensures you with the above qualities then it is not only for making a fashion statement but is worth every penny spend.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Skull Jewelry: A Bold and stylish fashion for the new age

A new age is what is bold, blunt and always short of time. With this busy and tight living style they have to choose all the accessories according as per their needs. This is one of the reasons which brought this Generation-X close to skull jewelry. The popularity of the skull jewelry is increasing. 
Among all kind of skull jewelry it is skull ring which is most popular. In spite, of the fact that in the past these jewelries were not appreciated, today’s generation adores it. This shift in the conception has brought all together a different and new scenario in terms of jewelry people buys. Both the style and the design of this kind of jewelry is highly appreciated and is worn by majority. These are also an adorable gift to gift. Not only the bikers but also the non- bikers like to wear these kinds of jewel pieces because of the following reasons:
  • For its bold and unique designs.
  • Some feel it depicts strength.
  • The designing is both elegant and versatile.
  • Majority of men likes these jewel designs for the simple reason of it not being feminine.
  • Available in both the textures that is dull and shiny.
The increasing demand of these kinds of jewelries has made the jewelry designer more innovative. Other than the designs they are also appreciated for their maintenance free quality. They are generally made up in stainless steel to compliment the designs.
For all those who are looking for a designer shop for bikers or skull jewelry can shop from Rossi and Rossi. Rossi and Rossi is an exclusive online biker’s jewelry store. They have designer collection which is both affordable and maintenance free. Both Dom and Lynnette are the bikers and their passion is reflected in their jewel pieces. To know all about their products visit

Friday, 9 January 2015

Be Stylish and Bold with unique design necklaces for men

In the past the flaunting of jewelry by men was negligible. The jewelry for them was restricted to a bracelet or a ring. Today the scenario is not the same. The trend has drastically changed. When in the past men jewelry was restricted to ring and bracelets, have now added all kind of jewel which includes earring and necklaces in the list.
Some of the reasons why men love wearing jewelry are: 
  • Enhance ones appearance. It goes without saying that jewelry enhances ones look. Even when a person is under dressed, the ornament of his enhances the complete personality.
  • Look trendy and classy. No one wants to have a monotonous look. A perfect jewel on body gives all together a new looks depending upon the design and style.
  • Maintenance free. The maintenance free designer jewelry is available in the market. To be free from hassle of maintenance, with your designer ornament is one of the biggest advantages of men’s jewelry becoming popular.
  • Increase in the possibilities. As said earlier, today the various kind of body jewelry is available. As per ones personality and liking the selection can be made.
Out of all the jewelry products the necklaces are the most popular among the men. The two kinds of necklaces that are preferred by men are:
  • Simple or Formal necklaces which includes a chain with a pendant.
  • Bold designs and styles.
The bold chains with fine finishing and stunning designs are available in the market. This jewelry is liked by all and if the wearer is a biker lover or the one with riding as a passion is surely going to love the jewelry.
Rossi and Rossi is an online biker jewelry store for the biker jewelry lover. They have a wide designer jewelry for both men and women. The designer men’s necklaces are in stainless steel. The quite popular skull necklaces, subtle skull or chain gang are among the all time favorites both with the designer and the buyer. To know more about the flattering, eye catching jewelry visit

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


The first thought striking our minds when we hear the word ‘angel’ is something beautiful, majestic and graceful.

Angel’s have always been associated with supernatural powers and charismatic personalities. The reality is that angel’s are not only constrained to imaginations and beliefs but also form an integral part of the jewelry worn by individuals. The most elegant way of adorning such jewelry is ANGELWING NECKLACE.

It has been often observed, that even the celebrities to whom we look upon as fashion inspirations are seen wearing stylish angel wing necklaces and pendants. Some of them wear it to quote a fashion statement, some wear them to support their own religious beliefs while some wear them to show submission to the supernatural. Whatever the reason maybe, the fact that can’t be ignored is that these angel wing necklaces do stand out as a piece of jewelry and add to the fashion quotient of an individual.

These angel wing necklaces come in varied designs and materials. They range from reasonable stainless steel necklaces to necklaces made out of silver or gold. These angel wing necklaces come in various cuts and designs. A simple angel wing hanging from a silver chain, a pair of angel wings, an angel wing with an attached written quote, angel wings paired with colourful gemstones are some of the many designs that are available for consumers now days. In fact, one can even get a personalized angel wing necklace made for a loved one with an engraved message or the name of the loved one.

Hence, from the above discussion it can definitely be understood that angel wing necklaces are not just a passing craze but something that is here to stay. And one of the biggest reason for this popularity is that they are widely supported by the stars. So let’s not be boring and monotonous, let’s experiment with different looks, because after all its just one life that we have to ourselves. Check out the stylish line of angel wing necklaces offered by ROSSI AND ROSSI JEWELRY. They offer trendy angel wing necklaces and specialize in bikers and stainless steel skull jewelry. So explore this stylish world and create your own fashion standards.